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Roast Beef Carvery Lunches

We are off to a great start with a full house at tomorrow’s lunch. If you weren’t able to make our first one, do not worry as there are plenty of other dates when you can join us.

Please note that the date has changed for the February lunch, this will now be held on Wednesday 17th February 2016.

To guarantee your place, please complete and return the booking form to Sarah Levy at sarah@lifeskitchen.com or call 0207 248 1163.

Roast Beef

Carvery Lunch Dates 2016

17th February 2016

16th March 2016

20th April 2016

18th May 2016

22nd June 2016

20th July 2016

21st September 2016

26th October 2016

16th November 2016

7th December 2016