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Life’s Kitchen is dedicated to considering sustainability in every facet of our business.

More than a third of humankind’s greenhouse gas emissions are generated by our global food system, from the ways in which we grow food to how it is packaged and transported, through to our consumption habits. By acknowledging the environmental impact of the food and hospitality industries we are a part of, we believe we have a responsibility to act accordingly. This means we commit to being thoughtful in our actions and to promoting the best possible sustainable practices for ourselves, our clients, and our partners.

We aim to align our professional practices with the Circular Economy to the largest extent possible, reducing our own waste and working with suppliers and partners who have similar aspirations and principles. We source food from small-scale, local farms and butchers, build our menus around seasonal availability, and partner with ethical beverage suppliers who take their environmental responsibilities seriously. We pledge to be mindful of the resources we use, from food, to water and energy, to material consumption.

At Life’s Kitchen we are proud of our status as a sustainable caterer, and we intend to continuously advance in this manner. By regularly questioning and refining how we operate, we strive to identify areas where we can further reduce our environmental impact and help push our industry to a more sustainable future.