Nicholas Levens: our first week of mentoring background image

Nicholas Levens: our first week of mentoring

“January is the perfect month for us to have our mentoring sessions with Sophie. We have just finished our busiest period of the year, in the run up to Christmas and then enjoyed a nice break away from the business, so we were raring to go when we met with Sophie this week.

“The first session was really positive and interesting – Sophie is genuinely interested in our business and brings a lot of hugely relevant experience to the process. Her own business has been on its own amazing growth journey.

“Sophie totally understood our growth ideas and asked really perceptive and thoughtful questions, especially as we got into the real detail of the client base we are seeking to appeal to in the future.

“By the end of our first session (which went on for nearly three hours!) we had a clear plan to progress our new concept, had agreed other areas of the business that Sophie could assist with and had a clear plan for the rest of our mentoring month.

“The following day the whole team got together for a fantastic innovation workshop facilitated by Vodafone. The general theme for this was innovation, with discussions around “everything connected” and wearable technology. This stimulated some fantastic discussion about future technological innovation for Life’s Kitchen Ltd and how this can improve and simplify the customer experience.

“Vodafone has followed this up with us and members of the Life’s Kitchen team are attending its office later in January for further detailed training and consultation.

“So far this process has been amazingly positive and has really rebooted the team at Life’s Kitchen at the start of 2016. We are really excited about our further sessions with Sophie this month and the stimulus they our providing to our growth plans. ”

Nick and Dave