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Event Recap: Livery Wine & Dine Club

Life’s Kitchen are delighted to announce the return of the Livery Wine & Dine Club was a huge success. With the event being held at Tallow Chandlers Hall on Wednesday 18th October 2023, the down pour of rain outside did not dampen spirits inside the Hall.

Lovers of fine wine embarked on a sensory journey like no other! Bodegas Manzanos, the distinguished winemakers from the heart of Spain's Rioja region, were thrilled to bring the essence of their acclaimed vineyards to the vibrant City of London. As friends old and new stepped into our enchanting venue, they found themselves immersed in the rich tapestry, not only of Rioja's winemaking heritage, but of the Tallow Chandler’s Livery Company; quite an eclectic mix!

This evening was an invitation to explore the soul of Rioja, beautifully crafted by the skilled hands of the Manzanos family, paired with a superb Spanish themed menu devised by the creative team at Tallow Chandlers Hall. Narrated by Carlos Roig Ferragud of Bodegas Manzanos, there was a lot of learning done along the way too.

Let's take a virtual stroll through this culinary pairing extravaganza…

The evening commenced with an arrival reception that set the tone for the luxurious feast ahead. Oxtail Croquettes, with their crispy exteriors giving way to melt-in-your-mouth oxtail goodness, were paired with Bacalao and Anchoas Tarts, a delicate balance of flavours from the sea. The Rosemary Shortbread with Red Pepper Mousse added a touch of herbaceous elegance. And to wash it all down, the Stars Brut Reserva 2020 from DO Cava, Perelada, Catalonia, provided the perfect effervescent touch, setting the stage for the evening.

The starter was a delightful dance of flavours. Sautéed Tiger Prawns and Chorizo, seared to perfection, offered a tantalizing contrast of textures and tastes. Paired with thyme-infused Black Lentils and a Garlic & Parsley Dressing, this dish was a true celebration of the land and sea. The Tempranillo Bianco 2022, a creation of Finca Manzanos, was the ideal wine companion. Crisp and refreshing, it complemented the dish's complexity effortlessly.

The pièce de résistance of the evening was the Chargrilled Fillet of Beef. Cooked to a succulent medium-rare, it was served alongside Roasted Vegetables, Padron Peppers, Patatas Panaderas, and drizzled with a rich Rioja Jus. This dish was an ode to the flavours of Spain, a combination of tradition and innovation.

The wines that accompanied this feast were equally exceptional. The 2018 Reserva and the 2021 Gran Reserva, both from Finca Manzanos, Bodega Manzanos Rioja, proved to be perfect partners. The Reserva's boldness and the Gran Reserva's refined maturity showcased the versatility of Rioja wines.

The sweet ending to this gastronomic symphony came in the form of a Dark Chocolate Tart, accompanied by a Blood Orange Sorbet. This dessert was a flawless blend of rich, bittersweet chocolate and zesty, refreshing citrus.

Paired with the 2022 Tempranillo from Finca Manzanos, Bodega Manzanos, it was a finale that left a lasting impression.

To conclude the evening, a savoury course was served. Honey-Glazed Goat's Cheese, Roasted Almonds, and Fig Chutney provided a harmonious blend of savoury and sweet.

Paired with the same 2022 Tempranillo, it was a fitting farewell, leaving a sweet and savoury memory of Spain.

This event hosted by Life’s Kitchen was more than just a meal; it was a sensory journey through the flavours and traditions of Spain, complemented by the exquisite wines crafted by this renowned winery. It's a testament to the idea that a well-paired meal and wine can transport you to a different world, and in this case, that world was the beautiful and diverse culinary landscape of Spain.

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