On June 19th, 2024, the Livery Wine & Dine Club hosted, once again, an exquisite event at the historic Tallow Chandlers Hall. An evening that delighted all attendees with a blend of sophisticated tastes, fine dining, and exceptional entertainment. The event, meticulously organised by Life’s Kitchen, was a testament to the confluence of culinary artistry and the rich traditions of the City of London’s livery companies.

The evening began with a vibrant gin and jazz reception. Guests were welcomed with refreshing Salcombe Gin cocktails, setting an elegant tone for the night. The atmosphere was enlivened by the smooth sounds of jazz, which created a perfect backdrop for the attendees to mingle and savour their drinks. This initial segment of the event not only showcased the versatility and appeal of Salcombe Gin but also set a sophisticated mood that was maintained throughout the evening.

Following the reception, guests were seated for a sumptuous four-course dinner, curated and prepared by our talented chefs. Each course was a culinary delight, crafted to complement the wines that were specially selected for the evening. The theme being wines of the Rhône Valley, presented and expertly discussed by Holly Sharpe. Her insights into the nuances of these wines provided guests with a deeper appreciation of their complexity and heritage.

The menu was a masterful blend of flavours, designed to both challenge and please the palate. From the canapés to the dessert, each dish was a testament to the culinary skill and creativity of our team. The pairing of these dishes with the Rhône Valley wines was particularly well-received, enhancing the dining experience and showcasing the thoughtfulness that went into planning the event.

In addition to the culinary delights, the event had a philanthropic angle, supporting the RNLI Tower Lifeboat Station in celebration of RNLI’s 200th anniversary. This charitable component added a layer of meaning to the evening, allowing guests to indulge in their love for fine food and wine while also contributing to a noble cause. The RNLI’s lifesaving work was highlighted within an entertaining speech from Steve, one of RNLI’s volunteers, reminding attendees of the importance of community and support. From the sale of tickets and a donation from our team, £1,000 was donated to this incredible cause.

The evening concluded with a captivating performance by Alison Carter, who delivered a stunning Rat Pack show. Her performance was a nostalgic journey through classic hits, perfectly capping off a night of elegance and enjoyment. Her show not only entertained, but also added a touch of timeless glamour to the event, leaving the audience thoroughly impressed and satisfied.

The Livery Wine & Dine Club event was not just a gathering but a full sensory experience. It seamlessly blended the pleasure of fine dining, exceptional wines, and stellar entertainment within the historic setting of Tallow Chandlers Hall. The success of the event was evident in the satisfied smiles and lively conversations that filled the hall by the end of the night.

For those who had the opportunity to attend, it was a memorable evening that highlighted the best of what Life’s Kitchen Livery Wine & Dine evenings have to offer. For future events, the bar has been set high, promising even more extraordinary experiences that celebrate the culinary arts, fine wines, and the rich cultural tapestry of London’s livery companies.

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Alison Carter
Salcombe Gin