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AA Covid-19 Confident & AIM Secure Accreditations

We are committed to ensuring the correct procedures are in place to guarantee your safety as well as that of our staff, who are onsite for your event. We understand that events and face to face interactions are important and we are keen to help you get back to hosting and organising your events. We promise to help you deliver an event that is second to none, making sure you have a great time and that you don’t have to compromise on safety!

We are delighted to confirm that we have received the AA Covid-19 Confident accreditation for all of our venues. In addition to this, we have also received the MIA’s AIM Secure Accreditation for Pewterers' Hall and Furniture Makers’ Hall.

We are delighted to have received AIM Secure Accreditation from the Meetings Industry Association (MIA) and the AA Covid-19 Confident Accreditation from the AA, in recognition of our first-class service, excellent facilities and a total commitment to upholding legal compliance and health and safety protocols.

The experienced LK team have been working over the summer and in particularly over this last month to determine what the service style and food offering will be when we return to doing what we love whilst maintaining high standards.

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