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We have built our reputation on the quality of our beef, with our butchers sourcing only the finest cattle. We use an Aberdeen Angus & Carolais cross breed of cattle, farmed in the home counties of Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire. The cattle are hand selected and aged on the bone for a minimum of 21 days and cut & butchered by our family owned fourth-generation Master Butchers. The tastiest, most tender beef around is then delivered to our Chefs to water-bath and cook to perfection in our kitchens.

Turkeys, Cockerels and Geese

These are sourced from farms in Warwickshire and Oxfordshire.


The welfare of our duck is a priority, for both us and our customers. Both Loomswood Farm (Suffolk) and Tiddenham Ducks (Chepstow) hatch their own ducklings and rear them in open environments with natural light, ventilation and fresh straw bedding. The ducks are exclusively cross-bred from strains including Mallard, Aylesbury and Peking to produce unique eating characteristics, rich, gamey flavours and outstanding meat yield (around 20% more breast meat than other duck). Also, the ducks are traditionally dry plucked which means not only do they look better, they shrink less during cooking and have a crisp, flavoursome skin. The duck liver makes an outstanding ingredient for salads, pâtés and casseroles.


Sourced from the South West of England, the gentle rolling hills, warmer climate and granite pasture which is not too rich, provide the perfect environment for the lambs to flourish.


Jimmy Butler & Sons produce award winning outdoor reared free range pork. Our pork is all taken from gilt pigs which has a wonderful sweet taste with no hint of boar taint.


We buy wild venison from the Balmoral estates as they are naturally hunted wild deer. The carcass is kept at close to 0°C and hung for a minimum of 14 days to ensure that the enzymes are gently broken down to create flavour, tenderness and predictability.

Fish and Shellfish

All of our fish and seafood is delivered daily from Billingsgate Fish Market.

Fruit and Vegetables

Delivered daily from New Covent Garden Market in the heart of London. British seasonal produce is always used where possible and practicable. Other sources for specialist products are The Rungis Markets in Paris.