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Meet the team – Anh Chung

Head Chef at Pewterers’ Hall

In the morning I wake up put my head phones on and play something with a good beat which helps me focus and plan my day. It also gets me in a happy, positive mood which in turn reflects upon my team. When my team is happy, I am happy.

When I get into work I start by putting away the deliveries and prepping the kitchen for the day, and then I sit down and discuss the day’s function with the Event Manager, so we are both on the same page with regards to how the event will run.

I always get the team to try my dishes not only to make sure my palette stays up to scratch, but also to educate them, so they know what they are serving and are able to talk about the dishes to guests, should they be asked.

During the morning while I am cooking I think about how best to plate the dishes, and I will often draw pictures of how I want them to look on the plate. I will then produce a ‘demo’ plate so my staff know exactly how I expect the finished dish to look when it is served to guests.

Once service begins, I am up and down between the kitchen and servery making sure both areas are running smoothly, and once the event is over, I will sit down with the Event Manager to talk through any feedback from the client, or from a service point of view. I strive to ensure as a team we are always improving, and offering the highest quality service across all events.

A good day for me is when my team is proud of the work they achieved, and receiving excellent feedback from clients saying how much they enjoyed the food is ultimately why I am a Chef.

I use days when there are no events taking place at the Hall to experiment with my menus. I try out different flavours and combinations before I make the final decision about how the dish will work, and love nothing more than imparting my knowledge to others, and getting my team involved in my work.

Salmon Starter

I am in awe of the natural beauty around us. I draw inspiration from this, and I am always looking around when I am walking; appreciating the changing colours with the changing seasons, and using this as inspiration for my dishes and how to plate them. I think this comes from my art college days, when I was told inspiration is all around you, you just have to look. Living in Hampstead Heath is also great for this. You will often find me foraging for mushrooms or berries depending on the season, and I love nothing more than eating out, and taking away elements from the dishes I ordered to incorporate into our banqueting menus to create a dish with real personality.

I am also very conscious of food waste, and so do my best to minimise waste by using any leftover produce in all different ways.